Book Review: SJWs Always Lie By Vox Day – Taking Down The Thought Police

Social Justice Warriors (SJW for short), wow what a topic! Vox Day pretty much nails it with this one. I bought the paperback copy from Amazon and I had to dive into it right away.

SJWs are basically like religious zealots worshiping a twisted version of “Equality” who have figured out how to game the system of community values and standards. They complain about perceived wrongs and what they say may sound reasonable to the average Joe or Jane on first glance. After all, who but a misogynist would say that men and women do not deserve equal rights under the law? Who but a racist would not support equal rights for various races? The problem is, the definitions of the words they use are not the same definition the rest of us are working with.

Basically, to spot an SJW, just look for the following words: “diversity”, “safe spaces”, “trigger warnings”, “microagression”, “cisgender” and the list goes on and on, but you get the idea. Also look for those claiming that “gender is a social construct” or complaining about the evil “Patriarchy” (sounds menacing doesn’t it?). These people sound crazy or socipathic, but beware, they are actually employing a strategy that is brutally effective against the unwary or naive among us. These people can destroy your livelihood, reputation and personal relationships. Do not engage them if you are unprepared, especially on social media or anywhere someone might be filming.

The book is a short and entertaining read, but it packs a powerful punch. No fluff here.

The Main Take Away is The 3 Laws of SJWs:
1- SJWs Always Lie.

2- SJWs Always Double Down.

3- SJWs Always Project.

Let’s take these one at a time.

SJWs Always Lie.

In service of pushing their narrative, the SJW will always lie and exaggerate. They make claims that are counter to reality yet they somehow want to believe or at least make you want to believe. These lies generally are intended to serve a purpose for a particular group or collective. This can be the LGBT community, racial groups such as Black Lives Matters or 3rd Wave Feminists. They have a sort of “The Ends Justify The Means” sort of attitude when it comes to pushing forward the current preferred SJW Narrative. These people tend to lean towards the Progressive Left. The claims sound ridiculous because they are ridiculous.

SJWs Always Double Down

When The Narrative is called into question or when the crazy behavior or ideas are called out, the SJW will always double down. Rarely will you see an SJW back down or change their mind about the narrative. Where a reasonable person would come clean when called out on a lie, the SJW can’t, because then the whole thing falls apart. They know they are lying, you know they are lying and they know that you know they are lying, yet still they persist. What seems on the surface like erratic behavior is actually an effective strategy of attack.

SJWs always project

SJWs have a tendency to project their own feelings and shortcomings onto others. For example, the feminist who feel insecure will accuse men of misogyny, a gay man who feel uncomfortable about his sexuality will accuse someone of homophobia. Most importantly, a person who lies constantly will be unable to believe anyone else is telling the truth and will complain they are being being lied to or lied about.

Vox Day lays out the SJW plan of attack in detail with examples. I’m not going to give it all away here, but knowing the attack plan will allow you to easily spot and counter this sort of ridiculous crusade.


The Insight that Vox has gain from the SJWs in the science fiction industry and from fighting the video game media in #GamerGate seems to have provided him a rare advantage in this war of ideas. I found the Counterattack chapter to be the most entertaining chapter of the book. I am a gamer, but I saw the movement from the outside, I did not get involved and was a little confused about what was happening at the time so I was glad to get a bit of insight into that whole mess.

The GamerGate people were able to successfully defeat the SJW narrative in the gaming press.  However, as per Rule # 2, they of course double down still so the pressure must be constantly applied to keep them in check.


The tactics laid out in this book will help you on a personal level as well as help The West in general deal with the menace of SJWs. I cannot wait for the opportunity to put those into action.

First of all, NEVER APOLOGIZE TO AN SJW FOR THE PERCEIVED WRONG!!! This is very important! That will only lend credibility to their claim. Usually, apologizing will satisfy a reasonable person who is accidentally offended. These SJWs are attacking you and not what you did or said, which was most likely not malicious or harmful in any way. Therefore, usual apology will not help but will only make matters worse for you. Do not be a soft target and you cannot be harmed by these people.

These despicable humans have wormed their way into high level government and academic institutions and have taken over by sheer terror tactics the HR departments of the corporate world. Corporate culture is now about walking on eggshells trying not to draw the SJW wrath.

If you have ever been called a “racist”, “homophobe”, “misogynist”, “cisgender” or if you have ever been told you are an oppressor merely by virtue of being white or male, then you need this book. This is your tactical guide and your survival manual. These SJWs are True Believers, therefore they are not to be underestimated. Don’t merely laugh it off until you are fully informed as to what game is being played. Keep your job, keep your respect in the community and keep your worthwhile personal relationships. Not only to survive but win the battle as well. Be safe out there, it’s a nutty world.

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